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Virtual Testing for Work and Travel

Please check with your airline and destination travel authorities for their specific travel requirements.


Do I need a health professional to use the tests?
No. Rapid antigen tests are easy to use. They work with a shallow nasal swab and can be self-administered.
How quickly can I get the tests?
Delivery throughout Australia takes 3-7 days on average from the time of order. All orders ship from Sydney, NSW. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to a P.O. Box.
How long does the test take?
Rapid antigen tests return reliable results in about 15 minutes.
What is the shelf life of the test?
All our tests come from the manufacturer and have a shelf life of 12-24 months. The test should be stored in dry conditions at normal room temperatures.
Is your testing program authorised for travel?

Our testing program adheres to the requirements of Australian, US and other travel programs requirements. It is your responsibility to determine the needs of the airline or cruise and the destination to which you are traveling. We only create the documentation and observe the testing process in accordance with Canadian & US travel requirements which are typically the gold standard.

Can I book a virtual test for someone else?
Yes, but if you are booking for someone who requires assistance, please arrange for the support they need to operate an internet connected device such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
How does virtual testing work?

You need a TGA authorised device such as the ones sold by us. You pay for the session(s) you need and then book once for each session. We use Calendly, an online booking tool that sends you a meeting invite with the instructions and a link so that on the day of your session, you can click this link and join at your scheduled time. You will be connected with one of our health professionals who will observe and guide you through the testing process. Our team is required to make the interpretation and issue you a test report which will be emailed to you shortly after your session ends.

How long will the virtual testing session take?
The session can take up-to 20 minutes. If you think you need more time, book more than one session but it will be an additional cost.
Do you do COVID tests for work?
Yes, we offer both travel and workplace testing.
How do I book in my family?
Currently, you must book a session for each family member because we need to create a record for every individual and gather data from them. Coming soon, there will be a process to book multiple family members.
Who can buy the tests?
Currently, in Australia, there are two types of tests sold.

COVID-19 rapid antigen point-of-care tests can be only sold to businesses, institutions and other organisations. The businesses who do buy them, require a registered Australian Health Professional to administer and oversee testing, either on site or virtually.

COVID-19 rapid antigen self-tests (for home use) can be purchased by anyone for use at home by individuals.

Who is allowed to conduct the tests?
COVID-19 rapid antigen point-of-care tests must be conducted by either a registered Australian Health Professional or an employee of the business trained in the use of tests by a registered Health Professional.

COVID-19 rapid antigen self-tests can be used by anyone on themselves.

Are your products TGA approved?
Yes, we only carry tests that are included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.
Do the tests work on all variants of COVID-19?
Yes. If you view COVID-19 as the tree, the variants are just limbs on that same tree, so it is all part of the same family, which is why the tests do detect the variants.
Is this good for children and adolescents?
Yes. The tests are safe to use for these age groups.
Is there a maximum number of times the test can be performed on somebody?
One test is good for a one-time use, but an individual can be tested as many times as you’d like. Health guidelines typically recommend for a company or institution-level screening, is 2-3 times per week per employee, but in high risk settings that can go up to once a day.
How effective are they compared to the PCR test?
The PCR test is viewed as the gold standard of diagnostic testing, but for the screening that we’re using these rapid antigen tests for, the accuracy tends to be 95% and above. There’s a small chance of false positives and almost a 0% chance of false negatives. If you are testing more frequently, the accuracy of screening overall goes up.
Do businesses need to have policies and procedures in place to perform tests?
Yes, you should have policies and procedures in place to conduct rapid testing. Great sources for these documents are the TGA guidelines and your state/territory health department.

It is your responsibility to determine travel requirements for your destination and carrier.


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